Rose Thomas 


Rose Thomas’ career commenced as an immigration specialist in 1991.
Rose enjoys strategizing and recommending steps and pathways that may lead to Residence and Citizenship in New Zealand.   Since 1991 she has taken on many challenging cases from many countries around the globe including the United Kingdom, many countries in Asia, the United States, the United Kingdom Europe, Southern Africa and the Pacific.

Rose Thomas has also been a keynote speaker at New Zealand immigration seminars around the world, including South Africa, Malaysia, the Philippines also Auckland, Tauranga and Wellington.

Since moving from her home city, Wellington, to the sunny Bay of Plenty she fully understands the unique issues associated with relocating.  Rose has also lived in South Africa.

In 2016 Rose successfully obtained her full New Zealand Immigration Advisers License, issued by the Immigration Adviser’s Authority, which has enabled her practice on her own again as between 2009 until 2014 Rose worked in various roles for law companies specializing in immigration in both Wellington and Tauranga.

Rose Thomas also works as a licenced real estate agent and serves the community as a Justice of the Peace, but due to a possible perception of a conflict of interest she never completes any Justice of the Peace work for any immigration related cases.

Rose enjoys spending time with family and friends, Her interests include walking, reading, strategy games and fishing.

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